Infinite Light Yoga Multi-level Classes

Infinite Light Yoga Multi-level Classes

Infinite Light Yoga is an experiential form of yoga which blends the practice of classical yoga with mindful awareness.

Although each Infinite Light Yoga class provides the student with a truly unique experience, all classes include the physical postures (asanas), meditation (dhyana), breathing (pranayama), and relaxation (savasana) techniques of classical yoga.

Infinite Light Yoga teachers offer detailed instruction while simultaneously modeling the postures, to encourage anatomical alignment. Variations and modifications of the postures are woven into each class in order to ensure the highest level of participation and enjoyment for each student.

Infinite Light Yoga teachers also encourage mindfulness by gently guiding students' attention back to their experience within the postures. This helps students take what they've learned within the class and bring it into their daily lives.

Most importantly, Infinite Light Yoga offers a practice that works for everyone, regardless of age, skill level, or physical condition. Come and see what Infinite Light Yoga can do for you!

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