Gentle Yoga Classes

Gentle Yoga Classes

If you think you can’t do yoga, think again.

In this Gentle class there is a unique opportunity for everyone, regardless of their age, body size or physical limitations to be able to enjoy the amazing benefits that yoga is famous for. We offer a yoga experience designed for the comfort and benefit of bodies with limitations due to age, weight or injuries or for those just looking for a gentle experience.

The Gentle class provides you with more individualized attention than other classes because there are two teachers; Cindy Yaple leads the class and there is an assistant there helping you get the most out of your experience.

Gentle class group photo
Picture by Elizebth Grout

We have the experience to help you adapt as needed during any part of the class. There is always someone there to guide you safely through each and every class.

Join us in a no-pressure environment where you will feel welcome and supported.

How will this class help me?

Simply put, yoga is good for what ails you. No matter what your current body is experiencing, the practice of yoga will enhance the quality of your overall life. Yoga is specifically good for helping to return the body to a state of wellness and offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy being comfortable with themselves. The main focus in the class is to teach the practices of yoga that are appropriate for you, individualized as needed, and honoring where you are right now in your body.

The classes include breathing, meditation, yoga postures and relaxation adapted to the individual using props, chairs if needed, and modifications whenever possible.

The breathing practices help to retrain the body to breathe deeper, which is sometimes a laborious task, and has been proven to be beneficial for your overall health. Yogic breathing increases lung capacity; strengthens the respiratory system and increases oxygen levels. The quality of your breath affects the immune system, metabolism, mental efficiency and mood.

The meditation practices are simple techniques used to focus the mind. They work wonderfully to reduce the effects of daily stress both mentally and emotionally. Meditation also helps with depression, anxiety, panic disorder and nervousness. It helps with fatigue, chronic pain and hypertension. Best of all, it helps you feel more comfortable with yourself; you learn to live with your mind instead of in your mind.

The postures increase flexibility, strengthen the muscles and stimulate the organs and glands, but more importantly, they restore the body’s imbalances. In class, you will be guided to move through your pain-free range of motion strengthening the muscles using proper anatomical alignment thus retraining the body to move safely and mindfully. In a short amount of time, you will feel better physically and enjoy a less strenuous daily life.

The relaxation part of the class is healing and nurturing. Relaxation recharges the body and teaches you how to let go. It is the perfect finale to any mind-body exercise program. The body is designed to restore health at all times and during relaxation, we learn to let go and let the wisdom of the body take over. Best of all, you will sleep better as a result.

Wear comfortable clothes; no need to register in advance. Your first class is free…

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