T'ai Chi Chi Kung

T’ai Chi / Chi Kung

Level: Multi-level

This is a combination class consisting of both T'ai Chi and Chi Kung exercises.

The class starts out with 40 minutes of Chi Kung; traditional Chinese warm-ups consisting of gentle flowing exercises that incorporate breathing with movement. These exercises are highly beneficial; opening up the meridians of the body, and allowing "chi" or vital energy to flow freely throughout your system.

In the second part of this class, you'll be guided through a short series of movements in the Yang Style of T'ai Chi. This portion of the class will include gentle standing movements to enhance balance and relaxation. Once we complete these movements, we'll examine them in more depth, exploring this beautiful art form more thoroughly.

The entire class can be completed in a chair for those students with physical limitations, or for those simply desiring a gentler approach. 

Taught by Randie Hughes