Infinite Light Yoga Photo Gallery

Infinite Light Yoga Photo Gallery

A picture says a thousand words and these pictures say it all. For easy viewing we have everything in categories that can be viewed simply by clicking on the heading. Come back soon for more pictures and stories as time unfolds.

Where in the World has ILY Been

When anyone connected with ILY goes on a vacation, travels or moves away they bring their practice with them. These pictures are of students and teachers in their ILY shirts displaying our presence where ever they are. There are some wonderful pictures from around the world where Infinite Light Yoga has been. Check it out! for more information on ILY clothing and yoga supplies see our on-line store at Infinite Light Yoga Store

Yoga Teacher Training Pictures

The Infinite Light Yoga School offers training every year. Here are so pictures of some of the teachers in training and what we do in a typical day. For more information about our training see Yoga Teacher Training.

Hooping Pictures

Our Hoopnotica teacher Dena Beratta offers Hooping classes on a weekly basis throughout the year. This is a great class and promises to be the most fun you'll ever had with a hoop. Check out the pictures we have so far.

Workshop Pictures

This is a new category and we are still filling this page with pictures. We hope you enjoy what you see.

Prenatal Yoga Postures and Benefits

The following postures are wonderful and safe. The person demonstrating the postures is 9 months pregnant (she delivered the week after these pictures were taken). There are many other postures that you could easily add into your stretching routine, especially floor poses for opening the hips. Please enjoy these postures and we hope that if you are pregnant that you will come see us so we can help you with your prenatal needs. For class schedule see Classes.

ILY Mommies and Babies

Throughout the years Infinite Light Yoga has had the pleasure of making mommy's to be very happy during their pregnancy. We have started a collection of pictures of mommy's and their babies so we could share their joy and hold the memory for years to come. These are wonderful pictures and we are proud to have them on our site.

Summer Solstice Event ~ 108 Sun Salutations

This event was held on June 21, 2011 to celebrate the summer solstice. We met at the Camillus Park and started the ceremony at 6 a.m. The ILY teachers took turns leading the Sun Salutations until we completed all 108. We had about 50 attendees and raised $160 for the Food Bank of CYN. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed every minute of it. We plan to hold this event again next year. Please take a look at the pictures and relive the day with your eyes. For future events and programs see our Retreats and Workshop page.

ILY is for Everyone Pictures.

In many styles of yoga, students impose the pose upon their body rather than allowing it to unfold from within. Just as in life off the mat, no one wants something imposed upon them. Infinite Light Yoga believes that every body is unique, and as we explore that uniqueness we are practicing yoga. The photos below show our students exploring that uniqueness.

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