Community Reiki Treatment Clinic

Reiki ClinicInfinite Light Center for Yoga & Wellness is happy to offer a Community Reiki Treatment Clinic. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The goal of our Community Reiki Treatment Clinic is to increase accessibility to this healing modality by offering shorter, more convenient appointment times, as well as more affordable sessions. Individuals are seen on a first-come, first-served basis with no appointment necessary.


How Can Reiki Help Me?

Reiki is a holistic healing technique that offers many benefits. Reiki can help reduce stress, manage pain, and promote relaxation, and enhances the natural power of the body to heal itself. Reiki can be beneficial in preparing for surgery, recovering from illness, or to simply give your immune system a boost. Reiki therapy can be used to complement any type of medical treatment and has no harmful side effects.


What is the Cost?

Reiki sessions are $15 each and can be paid for by cash, check or credit card. Payment is requested when you sign in each time you attend the clinic.
New to the Reiki Treatment Clinic? Receive your first session for only $10.
CNY Reiki Association members also receive sessions for only $10.


Who Provides the Treatment?

The clinic is run by Mary Riposo, Certified Reiki Master Teacher (co-owner & Wellness Director at Infinite Light Center).

Reiki sessions are provided by members of the CNY Reiki Association, a local group of local Reiki Practitioners whose mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of Reiki. All sessions are provided by trained and certified Reiki practitioners.

Please be advised that Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe, and that Reiki is not a substitute for standard medical care.


When is the Clinic Open?

The clinic runs once a month on a Wednesday evening from  6:30-8:00 pm. For specific dates, please visit our Workshops & Events Schedule.


What Should I Expect?

Please arrive no earlier than 6:15 pm. When you arrive, you will need to check in at the front desk. Please remove your shoes before entering the Reiki studio and turn the ringer down on your phone. Once in the Reiki studio, you will register and pay for your session, and choose whether you’d like to be treated on a Reiki table or in a chair. If all of the practitioners are working with other clients, you may be asked to wait quietly while they finish before your session can begin. You will be directed to a practitioner as soon as there is availability. In some instances, individuals may be seen by  more than one practitioner at the same time.

Reiki sessions last from 15-20 minutes. Make sure to tell your practitioner if you have any specific concerns that you would like addressed. You will remain awake and fully clothed during your session, and your practitioner will place his or her hands on or above you while energy flows through their hands for healing. During your session, you may feel pleasant sensations of heat and/or tingling, and you may also feel quite relaxed. When your session is complete, you will be offered some water and you can either leave then or sit quietly in the waiting area for a few more minutes.

Get more information on what to expect during your Reiki session here


How Can I Get More?

Coming to the Community Reiki Treatment Clinic can be a good way to try Reiki for the first time. If you enjoyed your session at the clinic, you can feel free to come back again. You can come back as often as you like. We cannot, however, guarantee that you will be able to see a particular practitioner from one month to the next.

If you would like a full-length Reiki session or if you want to learn how to do Reiki for yourself, contact Mary Riposo, Infinite Light Center Wellness Director at: (315) 416-7270 (call/text) or email:


What if I Have Questions?

For more information, you can contact Mary Riposo, Infinite Light Center Wellness Director, at: (315) 416-7270 (call/text)or email:

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