Joshua Reyes, LMT

Joshua Reyes is an LMT and graduate of the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage in Syracuse who will primarily be practicing Traditional Thai Massage at Infinite Light Center. Joshua received his training for Thai Massage in beautiful Costa Rica from Vicki Ramsdell, working with the LMT Success Group. He has been employed by the Skana Resort Spa at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino since 2013, and has also worked at various spas and gyms in the Syracuse area before coming to Infinite Light Center.

Joshua believes in massage for the longevity and optimization of vitality in life. He feels massage should be thought of not only for relaxation, prevention, recovery, or energetic healing, but for all of these. Joshua believes everyone has different needs and comfort levels, and there is a massage technique of all of those. He use an empathetic, caring, and intuitive approach to massage. Therein, he is able to understand his clients needs and help them live healthier more rewarding lives. Joshua lives by these words; “When we are aligned, we are as we should be. We are able move seamlessly and feel everything as it was meant to be felt.”



Thai Massage

Thai Massage, also known as Thai Yoga Massage, is a traditional healing therapy from Thailand. A complete Thai Massage incorporates a combination of acupressure, energy meridian work, Yoga-like stretching and rhythmic rocking. Joints are opened, muscles massages, toxins released and the body is aligned from toes to head; providing a deeply relaxing experience.

Thai Massage is different from Western styles of massage, as it is performed on a comfortable mat on the floor, no oil is used and the client remains clothed throughout the session. Thai Massage is a perfect complement to any exercise routine. It’s is suitable for clients of all ages and abilities, and can be customized to suit a wide range of physical needs. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

60 minutes – $80     90 minutes – $110     120 minutes – $140


Thai Infusion Massage

Thai Infusion Massage incorporates Thai Yoga Massage and traditional massage therapy techniques into the session. This session is done on a massage table, and is beneficial for those who want to experience the benefits of Thai Massage but are uncomfortable with, or find difficulty being on the floor.

60 minutes – $80     90 minutes – $110     120 minutes – $140


Custom Massage

Traditional table massage tailored to the client’s needs. This can be anything from deep tissue and trigger point work, to a relaxing Swedish massage.

60 minutes – $70     90 minutes – $100


To schedule an appointment with Joshua, call (631) 384-1077 or email


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