Infinite Light Yoga Multi-level Classes

Infinite Light Yoga Multi-level Classes

Infinite Light Yoga is an experiential form of yoga that blends the wisdom of yoga with the science of exercise. Each class provides the student with a truly unique experience to change their life, mentally, physically and spiritually. Each class includes the physical postures, meditation, breathing, and the relaxation techniques of classical yoga and mindful awareness.

Every class is a work of art, uniquely created to be both educational and transformational; designed around a theme, practice, or yogic teaching making it possible to learn something new in every class which helps students take what they've learned in class, and incorporate it into their daily lives.

Infinite Light Yoga teachers offer detailed instruction while simultaneously modeling the postures to encourage anatomical alignment. Variations and modifications of the postures are woven into each class in order to ensure the highest level of participation and enjoyment for each student.

Our signature multi-level classes make it possible for students to go at their own pace and evolve in their own time. In every class there are opportunities to become more, go deeper, learn more, and we provide you with the tools you need to continue to grow and evolve. We also offer Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Tone and Gentle Yoga classes and our own Infinite Light Yoga inspired Pilates classes.

This style of teaching has evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century; offering a form of yoga that works for everyone regardless of age, level of ability, physical condition or lifestyle.

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