The Infinite Light Teachers

All Infinite Light Yoga teachers are trained and certified through the Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training School and provide a quality yoga experience for every body, regardless of age, ability or level of fitness. Our teachers are committed to guiding and inspiring you on your journey to mental, physical and spiritual growth in a nurturing and non-competitive environment. Each ILY teacher offers his or her own unique teaching style, personality and inspiration, yet they all offer guided instruction in breathing, meditation, postures (asana) and relaxation techniques. In addition to Infinite Light Yoga, we offer Pilates and Barre classes, and are proud to say that we maintain the same standards of excellence in all of the classes we offer at Infinite Light.

TONY RIPOSO, Director of Infinite Light Yoga, E-RYT 500

I am the co-owner and Yoga Director at Infinite Light Center for Yoga and Wellness. I have been practicing and teaching yoga since 1987. I studied extensively at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, Massachusetts, and earned the certification title of Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and I am a registered Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500. For over 25 years, I taught as “Kripalu Yoga with Tony” before establishing Infinite Light Yoga. I bring over three  decades of experience and devotion to the classes that I teach. My specialty is teaching the practices of yoga in an experiential way, seamlessly blending yogic philosophy, theory and practice as a form of self discovery. Read More…

SUE VALERINO, 200-hr Certified ILY Teacher, RYT-200

As a physical therapist of 25 years and with advanced training in the areas of exercise physiology, orthopedics and geriatrics, pursuing a certification in yoga instruction was a natural progression of my education and training.

The foundation of my classes is a unique blend of yogic principles and exercise science; a venue in which I weave my knowledge and teaching together seamlessly in order to promote and facilitate optimal posture, alignment and movement patterns.         Read more…

JENNIFER COMMANE, 200-hr Certified ILY Teacher

I originally started practicing yoga as a form of exercise and stress relief during my college years, however, it turned out to be the blessing of a lifetime. My yoga practice started to reveal to me changes not only in my physical body, but also I began to notice a growing sense of inner peace and tranquility that I had never experienced before. This awareness drew me even deeper into my own personal practice and I knew I wanted to share this with others, which led me to enroll in the Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training program, where I graduated as a 200-hr certified teacher. Read more…

CARRIE EMPIE, 200-hr Certified ILY Teacher

My yoga journey began in my mid-twenties and over time, it has been an amazing journey of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. My dedicated practice continues to deliver moments of needed stillness, and peace in my daily life with a side of muscle tone and improved health.

With encouragement from my family and friends, I was drawn to the Infinite Light Yoga Teacher Training program, and acquired a 200-hr yoga teacher certification. In my practice I am not afraid to sweat, cry, breathe and laugh.  My classes are fun, energetic, inspiring and full of strength and self awareness as we safely move through connected postures and explore healthy alignment. Read more…

MICHELE WESTPHAL, 200-hr Certified ILY Teacher

Yoga has been an incredible journey for me, and along the way I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers and mentors. I started practicing yoga in high school, initially coming to the mat for physical health and weight loss. Throughout the years, my yoga practice has changed and evolved. It is this journey that eventually led me to Infinite Light Yoga.

I began seeking a practice that integrated body, mind, and spirit, a path of enlightenment and all of the wisdom that yoga has to offer. I also wanted to find a way to integrate my passion for yoga with my work as a counselor and behavior specialist, allowing all individuals to benefit from the gift of yoga and mindful living. It is through this process that my love and dedication to the yogic practice increased and my desire to share this passion with others developed. Read more…


SUE LOWITZ, Stott Pilates and Balanced Body Barre Instructor

I am a Stott Pilates and Balanced Body Barre trained instructor, and teach Balanced Body Barre classes at Infinite Light Center. I’ve been practicing Pilates since 2002 and became a Barre pioneer in 2012. When local training opportunities became available, I took the plunge, journeying from class participant to instructor. I achieved certification in Balanced Body Barre in 2013.

I decided to teach Balanced Body Barre because it’s popular, good exercise, and includes movements similar to ballet, allowing participants to achieve that highly desirable ballet body! My focus is to encourage body awareness that ensures proper technique and a safe, effective workout through mind-body integration. Read More…


KATHLEEN CRINNIN, Certified Nia Instructor

I am a Certified Blue Belt Nia Instructor and have been teaching since 2005. Sharing something I love comes naturally to me and I love Nia! In my 30’s, as a new mother, I attended my first Nia class. During the class I felt a greater connection to my body without taking myself too seriously. I left feeling energized yet peaceful after every class. Practicing Nia became pure joy and for me pretty quickly. All the cells in my body responded to the movement and music. I laughed, cried at times, made meaningful relationships with my class mates and teachers and continue to do so now in my 50’s.

I teach Nia classes to women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Participants get a fun group experience… Read More…

ILY Affiliate Teachers and Their Studios

We are proud to have certified Infinite Light Yoga teachers who independently own and operate affiliate studios. For more information on finding an ILY studio near you visit our affiliate page. View our affiliate studios here

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