Central New York Reiki Association

CNY Retreat Association

The Central New York Reiki Association is a local group of Reiki Practitioners whose mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of Reiki to the larger community.


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The CNY Reiki Association brings Reiki practitioners together to;
* practice their skills,
* give and receive support from others &
* demonstrate the value of Reiki to the wider community
The CNY Reiki Association’s mission is to;
* Create a united Reiki community
* Uphold high standards of training and practice
* Provide a directory of local Reiki Practitioners
* Raise awareness of the benefits of Reiki
* Offer a Distance Reiki Service to those in need

Reiki Practitioners: join the CNY Reiki Association today!

For more information and to join, go to: http://www.cnyreikiassociation.com/

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