LifeMap™ Sessions

LifeMap Sessions

Have you ever wondered if you’re on the right track in life? Are you curious about your purpose in life? Are you called to live a life of deeper meaning? LifeMap consultation sessions will illuminate who you are at Soul level, identify the issues holding you back from truly living your life’s purpose, and give you a road map to live the life you were meant to live. LifeMap sessions will help see yourself through the lens of the Soul. LifeMap sessions will not only help you understand where you’ve been, and where you’re going, but will give you a deeper understanding of how to live in the present. LifeMap sessions are designed to be completed in order. Each session is one hour long and can be completed in the office or on the phone.

Life Map™ sessions 60 minutes- $100 each

Offered by: Mary Riposo, PhD

To schedule a Life Map™ session, click on the practitioner’s name for contact information or call 315-373-0626.


Session 1 ~ “What is My Life’s Purpose?”

This consultation will help you understand why you have chosen your current life circumstances, the life lessons you are currently working on, and will identify your Soul level gifts and talents. You will also receive information about one or more of your past lives, as well as any patterns from those lives that inform your present circumstances. Once you understand the greater purpose of your life, and begin to live in accordance with your higher purpose, you’ll experience deeper meaning, peace, and abundance.


Session 2 ~ “What is Holding Me Back?”

Now that you understand your Life’s Purpose, how would you like to understand and break through the barriers to moving forward in accordance with your Purpose? This consultation will help you to discover the issues that are holding you back, and identify their source, whether it be your current life or one of your past lives. Specific areas covered can include health concerns, relationship  patterns, financial problems, etc. Once you understand the problems you’re dealing with, and their source(s), you will find it easier to move forward in alignment with your Life’s purpose. This consultation can be completed more than once if multiple problem areas are involved.


Session 3 ~ “Healing the Source of the Problem”

Now that you’ve identified the issues that have been holding you back, how would you like to go right to the source of the problem and clear those issues? In this consultation, you will experience a regression, either to an earlier point in this lifetime, or in one of your past lives, from which your current problem stems. You will then experience a clearing process specifically guided from spirit for your particular situation. This is a very powerful session and can be transformational in helping you to create a life in alignment with your highest path and purpose.


Session 4 ~ “What Does My Future Hold?”

Now that you’ve healed the source of your problem(s), you are ready to move forward! Have you ever wondered what your future may hold? In this consultation, you will experience a guided journey to meet with your future self and gain insights into your possible future scenarios that await you. You will then create a bridge with your future self and learn how to continue to tap into this relationship for guidance. This step is crucial in helping you move forward on your spiritual path.


Session 5 ~ “Creating My Future”

Now that you have seen a glimpse of your possible future lives, are you ready to create a future life that’s completely aligned with your highest path and purpose? In this consultation, you’ll integrate all that you’ve learned about yourself in the previous sessions and use that information to gain a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose. You’ll see this will help you to stay on course and make course corrections along the way as needed.

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