KATHLEEN CRINNIN, Certified Nia Instructor

I am a Certified Blue Belt Nia Instructor and have been teaching since 2005. Sharing something I love comes naturally to me and I love Nia!

In my 30’s, as a new mother, I attended my first Nia class. During the class I felt a greater connection to my body without taking myself too seriously. I left feeling energized yet peaceful after every class. Practicing Nia became pure joy and for me pretty quickly. All the cells in my body responded to the movement and music. I laughed, cried at times, made meaningful relationships with my class mates and teachers and continue to do so now in my 50’s.

I teach Nia classes to women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Participants get a fun group experience while increasing their strength, balance, coordination and healing. Some of my Nia students are looking to prevent or are recovering from minor injuries and surgeries. Many are looking to stay in shape and to connect with others.  I encourage everyone to come and experience Nia and everything Infinite Light has to offer.

 Contact email Kcrinnin@yahoo.com


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